The Art of Burlesque

Being a woman is a beautiful thing; with the bat of an eyelash and a toss of the hair, we can control a room. Females are the greatest magicians of all, with our crimson painted lips, lace push-up bras and hairsprayed curls. We create an illusion that most men can’t help but buy into. It’s a dynamic that’s as old as time.

Is it unfair of us to employ the trickery of makeup, corsets and fishnet stockings? Perhaps. But, some women also go that extra mile to work on both their Monroe-esque seductiveness and their red-hot dance moves (aka the triple threat). These adventurous, fun-loving ladies study at the Rhode Island Burlesque Academy and I wanted in.

Click here to read the full story in Providence Monthly.


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One response to “The Art of Burlesque

  1. I have always thought that women — all women, well most women, at least 80%, 🙂 — posses some natural beauty attribute worth exploring in detail.

    Nevertheless, a lot of women also flash a deceiving amount of “false advertising” that could lead to a man smilling, in surprise, and thinking “where is the other one??”

    Wouldn´t you agree on that??

    (OH boy, I can hear some ladys writing in reply already…)

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