In the Green Room with Civil Twilight

Richard Wouters, me, Steven McKellar

Steven McKellar sits on the vintage patterned sofa in Fete’s green room; Civil Twilight’s lead singer looks relaxed, albeit fatigued, as he looks up from his Narragansett Lager. I ask him if he knows he’s drinking Rhode Island-made beer: Narragansett is indeed a real place. “Oh,” he says, examining the can. “This is local?” He hasn’t lived in South Africa for roughly eight years now, but that fact does nothing to quell his distinctive accent, which at times sounds largely British. “I like it,” he says, simply. “It’s really quite good.” In a navy plaid shirt, perfectly faded denim and dark, tousled hair, Steven is the epitomical rocker. Choosing not to employ a stylist, the guys just wear “whatever.” In fact, those faded jeans belong not to him, but to his older brother Andrew, who plays guitar in the band.

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2 responses to “In the Green Room with Civil Twilight

  1. Emma

    These guys are amazing live!! I also just found a really cool interactive turntable they have on their site, where you can stream the entire album “Holy Weather.” I’ve been messing with the knobs on it and found some awesome hidden features 😀

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