An Hour in the Life Of Longston Johnson

Who: Longston Johnson

What: Urban streetwear designer

When: 8pm, Saturday May 26

Where: Little Bastard Co. Headquarters, 285 Main Street, Woonsocket

Why: It’s not just a t-shirt line, it’s a lifestyle… and a movement

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2 responses to “An Hour in the Life Of Longston Johnson

  1. “Not a positive message for our already troubled city.”

    I was unaware that Providence was in trouble, it always sounded like such a nice city. I had to look it up but, sure enough it scored above average in violent crime to population. Perhaps the name of the city helps to make it misleading. I’m also probably a poor judge of what’s normal since I’ve spent most of my life visiting and living in places with a abnormally high level of crime (Detroit, Flint, etc).

    At any rate, I highly doubt that an up an coming clothing designer with controversial logos is going to destroy the neighborhood.

    • We are at six homicides so far this year, I believe… which is nothing compared to Detroit. However, this article refers to the city of Woonsocket, which is about 20 minutes north of Providence. I am not sure of their murder rate, so I can’t say for sure. But I do know that they have been known to have a reputation of crime and are really trying to clean up the city and make it a more vibrant place to live and work. In my opinion, this kid is just helping with that. But, that’s just me…

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